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About Forhanna

Forhanna Foundation was established in 2017 by Willem Poelstra to support in-depth documentary photography and cross-media projects with which the artists have a strong personal involvement and to manage Poelstra’s oeuvre. The foundation focuses on documentaries in the form of in-depth and long term projects, related to the aftermath of conflict and the contemporary issues which arise from it.

Based on Poelstra’s vision and approach, Forhanna believes that personal engagement in the subject, profound journalism, and research are integral to gaining intelligent insight and deepening the output of the visual lens.

Forhanna facilitates the production of photographic projects through exhibitions, publications, and other online and offline activities. The aim is to stimulate public dialogue, reach and engage a wide audience and generate more empathy and awareness.

The projects

Future Stories from the Past ...

Current project  |  Willem Poelstra

Upcoming project | Geert van Kesteren

‘Photojournalism within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict knows restrictions – for many reasons. One of them is that a conflict between two people that last for more than 130 years can not be measured by the limitations of victim and perpetrator – it’s much more complex. An other is that we are dealing with the Holy Land – birthplace of the three monotheistic religions –, where a direct line between man and God exists; God’s Address.

Religion provides an ideological framework for understanding the world. The expectations for a land where heaven and earth literally meet are extremely high. If what we believe in is not met by reality on the ground we get bitterly disappointed, frustrated and even lost; is our fantasy or is the reality corrupted? That is an essential question that defines the tragedy and the enchantment of this place. A photojournalist who wants to give a meaningful understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only do so in an image where Legend and truth meet.

GOD’S ADDRESS is a project in which I am looking for the human perspective within the stalled conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. A journey through a split country, along borders, conflicts, and sanctuaries, to reveal a reality that is far more human than the well-known images of violence and intimidation. During my journey, in conversations with residents, scientists and believers, it becomes clear that this country, as a birthplace of monotheism, houses a fundamental question; About who we are as human beings, and what motivates us.’ – Geert van Kesteren, April 2017.

Forhanna is in discussion with Geert van Kesteren about the possibilities to support his project God’s Address. Together, they look for an innovative form and a concrete goal to express his journalistic footage in a surprising and revealing way.

Open call

Photography masterclass Belgrade

Forhanna is happy to launch a masterclass for professional documentary photographers from Serbia and Kosovo in collaboration with the Belgrade Fund of Political Excellence (BFPE) and will be hosted by the Cultural Center Parobrod. Three days of intensive exchange in both content and visual aspects of storytelling. Forhanna invites Serb and Kosovar photographers to submit their portfolios for selection for this free of charge educational exchange.

Danish photographers’ collective receives grant

A collective of three photographers from Denmark receives a Forhanna grant for their project ‘The merge’. It will be exhibited at the BredaPhoto festival 2018.

The project by Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen and Tobias Selnaes Markussen is an in-depth investigation of artificial intelligence and robotics. The work aims to explore and visually interpret the possibility that we are living inside a simulation. Could it be that our world is a construct, a created illusion? The collective previously worked on ‘Phenomena’.

The grant is provided by Forhanna, in collaboration with BredaPhoto international photo festival. The project will be on display at the festival from 5 September to 21 October 2018.

People behind Forhanna

Executive board
Jan Paul Reij – Chairman
Imke Ruigrok – board
Guido van Eijck – board
Lotti Pronk – Project Manager
Ana Dragic – Representative Belgrade Serbia
Ereblina Elezaj – Representative Pristina Kosovo

Advisory board
Lars Boering
Geert van Eijck
Vincent van den Eijnde
Willem Poelstra – Founder

Regina Geerts – Design
Marjon Kuijs – Legal

ANBI – information
Forhanna is classified as ANBI which status entitles donors to gift deductions:
125 percent of the amount donated.
There is no need to pay any donation and inheritance tax.
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