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Forhanna financially supports photographers who have a clear message and use photographic storytelling to tell their story.

We support makers with three types of grants:

  • Talent grant for upcoming names in the industry;
  • Project grant for specific clearly outlined projects;
  • Production grant where Forhanna can takes on the role of project producer.

Tina in Sexbierum

by Tina Farifteh

‘Tina in Sexbierum’ tells the story of Tina Farifteh, born in Tehran, Iran, who moved from Amsterdam to the Frisian village of Sexbierum. As she climbs the Sedyk (or Sea Dike) her thoughts wander back to the moment she left everything behind and started a new life.

Tina Farifteh Tina in Sexbierum

On Curaçao is a place so feared that some people don’t even dare speak about it. This place is called the ‘Klof’. With his project, Kevin Osepa offers a new perspective on slavery in the past.

Bloed en honing Nicole-Segers Irene van der Linde

Bloed en Honing

by Nicole Segers & Irene van der Linde

Writer Irene van der Linde and documentary photographer Nicole Segers travel through former Yugoslavia and Albania. They go in search of the meaning of the new borders in the Balkans.

Bloed en honing Nicole-Segers Irene van der Linde


by Joshua Irwandi

Immediately after its release on the website of National Geographic the image ‘The Human Cost of COVID-19’ went viral. VIRAL started as a photography project about the heroism of doctors and nurses, but soon unfolded itself around this one iconic photograph.

Bloed en honing Nicole-Segers Irene van der Linde

The Merge – Scenes from a Simulated Reality

by Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen and Tobias Selnaes Markussen

In their ongoing project The Merge, the Danish photographers collective explores developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, and visually interprets the possibility that we are already living inside a computer simulation.


The Believers

by Geert van Kesteren

Projected on 27 video-screens in the dome prison in Breda, The Netherlands, ‘Believers’ by dutch documentary photographer Van Kesteren, shows religious ceremonies in Israel/Palestine next to secular ones. What are the believers looking for?


Willem Poelstra worked five years to tell a timeless story of the impact of war, after he learned about his own parents’ untold past. In Kosovo he saw how war can divide families, friends and lovers.