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Documenting the
Danger to Democracy

More than 220 enthusiasts tuned in to this thematic program on January 17 at Pakhuis de Zwijger. A global political trend toward authoritarianism threatens the democratic culture that sustains free and independent media. Political actors and their media supporters are narrowing the cultural space for journalists and photographers. What can and should you do?

You can wath the live feed of the entire evening in case you missed it.

VII Insider (a program of The VII Foundation in partnership with PhotoWings) and Forhanna organized a varied program of interviews, discussions, and visual presentations.

Jonas Bendiksen captivates the power of photography

Hearing Jonas Bendiksen deliver The Willem Poelstra Lecture was a great honor. Skillful and passionate, he views photography as a tool for storytelling, emphasizing its role in conveying meaningful narratives about the world.

The lecture was part of a thematic program at Pakhuis de Zwijger initiated by VII Insider (a program of The VII Foundation in collaboration with PhotoWings) and Forhanna, and took place on 17 January 24 at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Over 220 enthusiasts listened to Bendiksen’s engaging narrative about the adventures he experienced in recent years.

You can watch the live feed of the entire evening underneath.

Working together
to promote photography

Forhanna is pleased to announce its collaboration with VII Insider. Our shared vision of advancing the future of storytelling in photography has brought us together.
VII Insider, a part of The VII Foundation in partnership with PhotoWings, and led by Dr. David Campbell shares our strong belief in the significance of non-fiction photography and documentary stories as a means to bridge the gap between beliefs and realities.

With VII Insider, we bring people together for creative presentations, learning from experts, and analyzing visual journalism. We are dedicated to creating an accessible and engaging platform for everyone to begin on 17 January at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Together, we strive to enhance, share, and inspire through visual storytelling.

PHOTO © Espen Rasmussen – VII

Visual Story webinar #16
‘The Book Of Veles’

In edition 16 we discuss ‘The Book Of Veles’ by Jonas Bendiksen, and how this photographer tackled the issue of ‘fake news’ by creating his version of the story he found in the town of Veles.

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