“A man once encountered two sisters in the Kloof, who told him he would crow like a rooster. When he got home he crowed like a rooster, collapsed, and was dead.”

Bario di Spiritu

by Kevin Osepa

On Curaçao is a place so feared that some people don’t even dare speak about it. A place of dark forces and a fraught history.

This place is called the ‘Kloof’, meaning ‘chasm’ or ‘gorge’.

Visual Story webinar #16 
‘The Book Of Veles’

In edition 16 we discuss ‘The Book Of Veles’ by Jonas Bendiksen, and how this photographer tackled the issue of ‘fake news’ by creating his version of the story he found in the town of Veles.

The Believers

by Geert van Kesteren

“Today we no longer turn to God for answers to difficult questions, but to an algorithm, a new omniscient entity.”

Projected on 27 video-screens in the dome prison in Breda, The Netherlands, Van Kesteren shows religious ceremonies in Israel/Palestine next to secular ones. What are the believers looking for?

Project updates

Irwandi wins at WPP

‘The human cost of COVID-19’ won the  prize in the General News Singles Category. Once published Irwandi came under scrutiny from the Indonesian government and COVID-19 deniers.

Jun 10, 2021

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