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Prüst presents Edit your story

Forhanna had a successful evening at Pakhuis de Zwijger on June 26. Marc Prüst presented his new booklet, emphasizing the importance of editing photos into a series to tell a story, with a focus on consistency, coherent style, and narrative continuity. This book offers a method for editing photo series and identifies eleven different storytelling formats.

Bahram Sadeghi interviewed Jacqueline Dersjant, who practices memorial photography in a unique way. Journalist Irene van der Linde, who traveled through Europe with Nicole Segers, clearly explained how she maintains a narrative line and structure in her creations.

Curator Daria Tuminas discussed the power of storytelling and how to approach it differently than in books. Teun van der Heijden, the renowned designer, guided the audience through his method of evaluating projects and turning them into inspiring books.

 Edit your story is now available to everyone.

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You can by the booklet here.

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Working together
to promote photography

Forhanna is pleased to announce its collaboration with VII Insider. Our shared vision of advancing the future of storytelling in photography has brought us together.
VII Insider, a part of The VII Foundation in partnership with PhotoWings, and led by Dr. David Campbell shares our strong belief in the significance of non-fiction photography and documentary stories as a means to bridge the gap between beliefs and realities.

With VII Insider, we bring people together for creative presentations, learning from experts, and analyzing visual journalism. We are dedicated to creating an accessible and engaging platform for everyone to begin on 17 January at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Together, we strive to enhance, share, and inspire through visual storytelling.

PHOTO © Espen Rasmussen – VII

Visual Story webinar #16
‘The Book Of Veles’

In edition 16 we discuss ‘The Book Of Veles’ by Jonas Bendiksen, and how this photographer tackled the issue of ‘fake news’ by creating his version of the story he found in the town of Veles.

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