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Research and Education

Forhanna was founded with the aim to support the practice of documentary photography, and to make it futureproof.

By initiating, funding and developing research projects Forhanna actively identifies where the challenges for the industry lie and offers solutions to practitioners and students of photography.

The results of the research projects is shared through various means: publications, webinars, workshops and otherwise.

“How can narrative photography be made future-proof?”

Tell Your Story

The world of documentary photography finds itself in a paradox. Visual exhibitions continue to attract the masses and institutions as World Press Photo grow internationally.

Yet, it becomes increasingly difficult for the average photographer to make ends meet. How can narrative photography be made future-proof?

That’s the central question of Tell Your Story. A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market.

The New Business of Photography

The research Tell Your Story, initiated by Forhanna in 2019, showed that several ways exist in which documentary work can be produced sustainably.

The research focused on projects and the way they were financed by their makers. Now Forhanna initiates a new research to help identify how photographers can create not just sustainable projects, but sustainable careers.