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Tina in Sexbierum

by Tina Farifteh

Tina Farifteh Tina in Sexbierum

About the project

‘Tina in Sexbierum’ tells the story of Tina Farifteh, born in Tehran, Iran, who moved from Amsterdam to the Frisian village of Sexbierum where housing is still affordable. As she repeatedly climbs the Sedyk (or Sea Dike), her meditative ritual, her thoughts wander back to the moment she left everything behind and started a new life. It’s on the Sedyk that her project about uprooting, longing for home, learning a new (cultural) language, transcending geographical boundaries in the search for identity, loss, memories, and love for the landscape takes shape.
Tina has undergone a process of self-discovery, building new connections with refugees of her generation and her neighbours in Friesland.

Although she had to let go of her plans to return to Iran, she feels emotionally closer to her homeland than ever before. Now, she has all the ingredients to bring this project to life.

BredaPhoto and Prospektor are the producers of this project. Forhanna provides personal support to the artist Tina Farifteh, enabling her to further strengthen her narratives, focus on expanding channels and platforms where she can present herself in a way that inspires, resonates, and challenges people to think about this important subject.

A major presentation will be showcased at the BredaPhoto Festival 2024, themed ‘Journeys’. This edition centralises physical, psychological, and spiritual travels, fostering growth for the traveler.

More about the project

About the photographer

Tina Farifteh

Tina Farifteh

Tina Farifteh, born in Tehran, traveled to the Netherlands at the age of 13 as part of family reunification with her mother and brother, following her previously fled father, and grew up in Enschede. She studied business administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed her Bachelor’s in photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) in 2021.
Her work, influenced by her Dutch-Iranian background, sheds light on the experiences of refugees. She approaches her subjects with in-depth research, resulting in accessible and layered multidisciplinary
productions. Her storytelling captivates viewers and resonates deeply with them, regardless of their background.

Project updates

Tina Farifteh Tina in Sexbierum

Forhanna supports Tina Farifteh

Dutch-Iranian photographer Tina Farifteh has been awarded a production grant from Forhanna for her project 'Tina in Sexbierum’, based on her personal experiences.

Dec 19, 2023

What Forhanna did

type of support:

Production grant

Forhanna supports Tina’s project because it aligns perfectly with Forhanna’s objectives. ‘Tina in Sexbierum’ is not only current and relevant, but also urgent in our modern society, especially concerning refugee experiences. The project reflects previous themes of Tina’s work, but this time she takes an even more personal approach. She reveals her own inner struggle, and Forhanna encourages her to elevate her story to a universal level.

The exhibition in Breda promises to be a compelling multimedia experience, with Tina taking the audience on a journey through her world. Forhanna believes that the power of Tina’s story not only holds artistic value but also offers substantive value to a broad audience.