Forhanna Collection

Forhanna aims to support the professional development of narrative photography, and as part of its effort the foundation actively
builds a collection of photographic works that reflect its vision on the narrative strength of photography.

The focus lies on acquiring prints of projects that deal with the human condition by makers who have a strong personal connection to the story they are telling.

Forhanna Collection aims to support talented makers by acquiring photographic prints. The collection is available to institutions  and companies to showcase relevant stories and initiate debate around the depicted themes and narratives.

On these pages we share the expanding collection and explain how these projects reflect our vision on narrative nonfiction photography.

The Forhanna Collection curated by Geert van Eyck.


The book 112 was Willem’s first project, to honor the people of the ambulance services in Amsterdam. Shot in rough black and white, it shows us what happens behind the closed doors of a big contemporary city.


American photographer Bryan Schutmaat focusses in his work on ordinary people. In Vessels he documents those people who have left behind their lives in modern society and are roaming the Southwest of the United States.

for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past...

In his second book for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past..., Willem Poelstra aims to recount the story of his parents: a volunteer worker in the German war industry and a woman who lost her family to the holocaust.

Aeronautics in the Backyard

Xiaoxiao Xu portrays people with a dream: the dream to conquer the sky. Tinkering away in their backyards these, mostly, farmers aim to create machines that are able to fly. 


Forhanna supported photographer Joshua Irwandi with a grant and enables him to produce his project VIRAL with the help of his sparring partner and project leader Geert van Kesteren, a Dutch veteran war-photographer and filmer.