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An important part of the mission of Forhanna is to share the knowledge it has acquired through the research and projects it has conducted. 

We aim to do this by offering free webinars, online and offline workshops, and lectures. 

Here you can find more information about these initiatives and access the available contents.


Talks on different storytelling formats in photobooks. In this 15 part series of webinars, story editor Marc Prüst introduces his approach to visual stories.


Forhanna has developed a three-part online workshop in which participating photographers can work on their project plan. How do you turn an idea into a work plan? What is the purpose of your project and what story do you want to tell?

The Willem Poelstra Lecture

Dedicated to the loving memory of our founding father – Dutch photographer Willem Poelstra – Forhanna is proud to organize the annual ‘The Willem Poelstra Lecture’.