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Kitten of vluchteling Tina Farifteh

Tina Farifteh wins prize for Storytelling at Zilveren Camera

Feb 16, 2024 | Tina Farifteh

The prize for Storytelling at the Zilveren Camera was won by Tina Farifteh. Congratulations to her and everyone who worked on it.

In the short documentary Kitten or Refugee?, visual artist Tina Farifteh explores the mechanisms behind empathy and its interaction with the flood of images of suffering that inundates us every day. How can we explain our absurd behavior? Who would you rescue from a war? And where does Tina Farifteh herself stand on the empathy ladder?

The film was produced by Prospektor and VPRO and premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in September 2023.

During the ceremony she received the award from the mayor of Hilversum, who explained that, according to the jury:

“Tina makes us look at reality again, fights prejudices, tilts the image, and sharpens the case. Her personal approach makes the universal tangible and touches something that concerns us all.”


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The documentary was broadcasted on Dutch television om september 26, 2023 as part of the 2Doc Kort program. You can watch the film here directly.

documentaire Kitten of vluchteling Tina Farifteh