Forhanna kevin Osepa Mira Strea-

Kevin Osepa and Hannes Wallrafen

May 3, 2024 | Klof 
Bario di Spiritu

Explore the exhibition The Mix Nederland. M’a wak un rosea, m’a skucha un lus (Saw a Breath, Heard a Light) featuring works by Hannes Wallrafen and Kevin Osepa.

Wallrafen, a key figure in Dutch photography, transformed documentary photography with his magical images before he became almost blind and turned to sound.

Osepa, inspired by Wallrafen, explores identity and memories, with a particular focus on Curaçao. Their shared passion for storytelling connects their work, with sound recordings by Wallrafen from 2004 serving as inspiration for Osepa’s new creations.

The exhibition will be showcased at CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam and at the NS station Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA.

From 25 April to 30 June, 2024 – CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam

Visual: Mira Strea by Kevin Osepa