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Future Stories from the Past

In his second and what came to be his last and ultimate book, for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past…, Willem Poelstra aims to recount the story of his parents: how a volunteer worker in the German war industry and a woman who lost her family to the holocaust married and lived a happy live after the war.

Their story proved to Willem that true post war reconciliation happens through personal relations. In for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past… (FSFTP in short) he searches for a parallel to this story in the post war relations between Kosovo and Serbia. 

Forhanna Collection added a series of five prints, a typology of unfinished houses in the open landscape of Serbia and Kosovo.


The book *112 Ambulance Amsterdam was Willem’s first project, to honor the people of the ambulance services in Amsterdam. Shot in rough black and white, it shows us what happens behind the closed doors of a big contemporary city.


American photographer Bryan Schutmaat focusses in his work on ordinary people. In Vessels he documents those people who have left behind their lives in modern society and are roaming the Southwest of the United States.

Klof, Village of Spirits'

Kevin Osepa. 'With this project, I want to investigate how a place can have such a turbulent history to the point that it starts to lead its own life.'

for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past...

In for Hanna, Future Stories from the Past..., Willem Poelstra aims to recount the story of his parents and searches for a parallel to this story in the post-war relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Aeronautics in the Backyard

Xiaoxiao Xu portrays people with a dream: the dream to conquer the sky. Tinkering away in their backyards these, mostly, farmers aim to create machines that are able to fly. 

New Dutch Views

Marwan Bassiouni. How can one take a new perspective, how can one look at one’s culture from someone else’s point of view? Marwan Bassiouni shows us how the muslim community has become a part of the Western landscape.

After Us The Deluge

Kadir van Lohuizen demonstrates with 'After Us The Deluge' that it's five minutes to midnight. The climate crisis is in full swing and can only be slowed down.


Forhanna initiated and supported the first exhibition of Joshua Irwandi’s work at BredaPhoto 2020, showcasing VIRAL. The image depicts an almost mummified victim, a reminder of those left behind.


Henk Wildschut. A portfolio of selected images from a series by Dutch photographer Henk Wildschut about gardening in refugee camps.

'Why Mister Why'

Geert van Kesteren Geert van Kesteren worked as a war correspondent for newsmedia such as Newsweek and Stern. One of his most notable books is Why Mister, Why? on the war in Iraq.

A History of Misogyny

Laia Abril investigates historical and contemporary gender violence, access to justice and the ethics, laws and policy concerning gender equality.