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‘Tell Your Story’

How can narrative photography be made future-proof?

Tell Your Story

A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market

The world of documentary photography finds itself in a paradox. Visual exhibitions continue to attract the masses and institutions as World Press Photo grow internationally. Yet, it becomes increasingly difficult for the average photographer to make ends meet. How can narrative photography be made future-proof?

That’s the central question of Tell Your Story. A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market.

Visual story editor Marc Prüst studied numerous real-life examples from the world of photography, as well as lessons learned from other sectors like online radio and journalism. How are photographers, journalists and artists adopting to the digital economy and the demise of traditional media?

Readers will learn about various earnings and distribution models, and tools to tap into the right market for their work. Additionally, a practical leaflet guides photographers through the various steps of a successful photography project.

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Tell Your Story: bookpresentation

Tell Your Story is presented at 4 February 2020, at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam

During the event Future Proof Photograpy, we’ll welcome a range of experts from the field, such as photographers Jan Hoek and Manola van Leeuwe, and David Campbell, Director of Programs and Outreach at World Press Photo.

This project was supported by the Dutch Journalism Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de journalistiek), World Press Photo, and Pictoright, the author’s rights organisation for visual creators in the Netherlands.

Read more about the event.


Why Forhanna invested in future-proof photography

Forhanna invested in this project because we are committed to supporting documentary photography, and to strengthen the very foundations of the profession. The new earnings and distribution models that were studied for this project, will help make photography future-proof.

Forhanna and Marc Prüst will continue to cooperate. We plan to organise workshops, lectures and other events about this topic.
Contact office at forhanna to learn more.

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