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IVOR PRICKETT End of the Caliphate



Ivor Prickett
End of the Caliphate


Monday November 18, 2019

Location: World Press Photo House - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Address: Haarlemmerweg 4, Amsterdam.
Language: English


Impressive presentation by Ivor Prickett

Forhanna is honoured to have Ivor Prickett as our inaugural at 'The Willem Poelstra Lecture'. Prickett photographed the battle to defeat ISIS and told about the amazing story of Mosul's
battle grounds, people trapped behind ISIS's territory, people 
mourning, fighting and fleeing. Working exclusively for the 
New York Times, embedded with Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish forces,
he has been photographing in depth and for longer periods. 
Returning to this city in ruins frequently. He motivates his work 
as a war photographer close at combat with his commitment 
to civilians: 'That is where it is most critical for people, right 
on the front line.’ Beautiful hosted and held at the World
Press Photo headquarters at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam.

Ivor Prickett was awarded the first prize in the General News Stories category of the 2018 World Press Photo and was a finalist in the category Breaking News Photography of the Pulitzer Prize.