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Edit your story

Marc Prüst is conducting research into the workings of the photographic industry to understand how and why photographs circulate: why do we see the photographs that we see, in print, on social media, in museums, on billboards, and elsewhere?

A part of his research is dedicated to narrative photography. This aspect has garnered Forhanna’s interest, and we support Marc Prüst in bringing to light the results of his research, which he incorporates into a publication. For Forhanna, he has created the booklet Edit Your Story. 

Edit your story focuses on the structure of the narrative: how you can determine which photos, in which order, tell your story.

Edit your story emphasizes the importance of proper editing, where the selection and sequence of photos tell a story. The book discusses different outcomes of editing and how to edit a series based on a method, illustrating eleven storytelling formats with clear examples and images from the Forhanna Collection.

Released by Forhanna in English and Dutch in a single edition.