Irwandi wins at WPP

Jun 10, 2021 | Viral

World Press Photo announced the winners of its annual photographic competition.

Joshua Irwandi’s image ‘The human cost of COVID-19’ won the second prize in the General News Singles Category.

The World Press Photo exhibition showcasing all the winning images will go on a world tour starting in Amsterdam after the Award Ceremony in April. This will allow a global audience to see Irwandi’s iconic image of the pandemic.

Forhanna supported Irwandi’s project from the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic.
There’s more to this award-winning photo that compels us to keep following the project.

When Joshua Irwandi published one of the most striking images of the global COVID-19 pandemic on social media, he came under scrutiny from the Indonesian government and COVID-19 deniers.

It is an example that stands for the complex moral dilemmas independent journalism is facing now that social media (and a worldwide suspicion of truth) is an indispensable part of it.
With this, VIRAL addresses a problem that is a direct threat to our democracy and media: to offer us insight in a primary need to start a social movement to empower (photo)journalism in the long term.

Joshua Irwandi is working on a book and an exhibition in which this dilemma is further explored.