Blood and Honey exceeds all expectations

Nov 26, 2020 | Bloed en honing

Dutch daily De Volkskrant included Blood and Honey in their annual list of best photography books of 2020.

The quality of the story and of the photography is always important. But above all, everyone wants to hold the book in their hands, to see and feel what is happening, to flip through.

Is Blood and Honey a photo book with text? Or a travel report with photos? This book in no way exceeds all expectations. Journalist Irene van der Linde and photographer Nicole Segers traveled to the Balkans for years and returned with almost 700 pages of viewing and reading pleasure.

This cooperation between Marc Prüst, the authors, the designers resulted in an amazing publication that received the honor of being named on the 10 best Dutch photobooks by daily de Volkskrant: “exceeds all expectations”.

Another daily, NRC Handelsblad gave it a 5 out of 5 review here. According to NRC “Everybody should read this book…”

Forhanna’s Marc Prüst discusses the narration of each book in the Encounters trilogy in episode 14 of the webinar series Visual Stories in Photobooks: