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Posters Kevin Osepa at Bredaphoto

Alternative publication available at Breda Photo

Sep 9, 2022 | Klof 
Bario di Spiritu

When visiting the exhibition you will find several stacks of large printed images from the project Klof, 
Village of Spirits.

On the other side are printed image from the history of Klof to provide insight and context to the mystic stories that Kevin Osepa unveils in the exhibition.

The poster format publication is the result of a close cooperation between Osepa and designer Mirelle van Tulder who used her own visual research. The posters are available for a suggested price of 1 euro per poster.

With his project, Kevin Osepa offers a new perspective on slavery in the past. This is not the perspective we find in Dutch history books, but the perspective of the stories that arose at this location. Combining photography, film, soundscapes, and installations this experience can now be visited during the Breda Photo Festival until 23 October 2022 at the Stokvishallen in Breda.

Kevin Osepa at Bredaphoto.